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Adopting a dog

Are you looking for a loyal companion and would like to give one of our dogs a new home? You will find all the
information about the adoption process here.


Adopting a dog means taking on a great responsibility, usually for many years. Therefore, careful preparation is an essential prerequisite:

  • Are all family members in agreement?
  • Do you have the (written) consent of the landlord?
  • Are there sufficient financial means and time available?

It is necessary to clarify these and other questions beforehand. You can find helpful information regarding these topics here and in our leaflets.

The first few steps

To begin with, we recommend having a look at our animal placement page for dogs that are currently in need of a new home. Please contact us by phone (044 261 97 14) or email if you are interested in one of our dogs. It is suggested that you say a few words about yourself and explain why this dog suits you. Adoption interviews are only possible by prior arrangement to ensure that we have time for you.

Once we have clarified the fundamental questions, we will invite you to our shelter, where you can meet and also walk the dog. Please make sure to have enough time for you and the pet to get to know each other. If the first encounter was successful, two to three conversations and walks are going to follow. 

IMPORTANT: Please note that we invite several potential owners for the same dog. That allows us to choose the very best new home for that dog. 

Adopting a dog is a great responsibility that needs to be well considered.

Trial period

After meeting all the potential owners, we are going to pick the most suitable one. Should you be the chosen person, the dog will then stay at your home for a trial period of at least three weeks. It is crucial to get to know the animal in its future environment. Additionally, it is the most effective way to decide whether the dog fits into your daily life or not. 

The trial period includes:

  • Signing the contract for the trial period 
  • Paying the adoption fee (cash or card)
  • We provide food and equipment for the duration of the trial
  • Close guidance during the trial period (emergency telephone)
  • Consultation via phone once a week


After a successful trial period, the dog is allowed to stay permanently. We will then arrange a handover, when you sign the adoption contract and the vet’s discharge. Due to the change of location, diseases could appear which were not recognizable at the animal shelter. 

Three to four months after the adoption, a check-up will be carried out at your home. With the check-up, we aim to ensure everything is going well, but we also take the time to answer any questions that may have arisen in the meantime. However, if you have any questions or uncertainties prior to that, you can contact us at any time. 


CHF 540.00 (< 10 years old)
CHF 290.00 (> 10 years old)

All dogs are checked, vaccinated, and dewormed by our vet. We immediately communicate any known health problems. 


Home needed

Here you will find an overview of all our pets who are currently in need of a new home.

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