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Guiding Principle Zürcher Tierschutz

(as of February 2008)


Our vision is a society in which humans regard all domestic, farm and wild animal as fellow creatures, cultivate a respectful interaction with them and protect their well-being by acting responsibly.


Zurich Animal Protection encourages willingness and competence to prevent and overcome animal welfare problems. In doing so, we pursue our interests consistently, argumentatively, and scientifically. We cultivate a tolerant, respectful, and supportive interaction with each other and with the outside world and thus achieve solidarity despite differences.


Zurich Animal Protection fulfils a socio-political task. In this matter, we take an active role in identifying, naming, and solving animal welfare problems and are therefore active in various fields of activities as follows:

  1. We take care of raising public awareness for animal protection issues. To achieve more respect for animals and more responsibility for them, we provide regular and well-founded information about domestic, farm and wild animals and their needs with the help of publications, the Internet, events, etc.
  2. We practice active animal welfare and provide help for pets when they are in need. We run an animal shelter for this purpose.
  3. We support scientific, animal welfare-oriented research in a way that animal protection actions and proposals for improvement in the treatment of animals can be soundly formulated and implemented.
  4. We are represented on animal protection, animal experimentation and ethics committees and take a position on ongoing legislative procedures on animal-related issues.
  5. We receive reports on animal abuse or neglection cases and clarify them. Depending on the situation, we either solve the problem ourselves or ensure that the responsible cantonal office enforces the regulations.
  6. In the canton of Zurich, in Switzerland and abroad we are committed to a species- and animal-friendly life for domestic, farm and wild animals, regardless of whether they are kept in human care or live freely.
  7. We maintain contacts with organisations and associations that are active in the field of animal protection and work together with them.
  8. We are the contact partner for associations, authorities and politicians concerned with animal protection.

Overview of our activities

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