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Donation for the animals

Thank you for supporting our animal protection work with a donation. Thanks to you, we can be there for animals in need day after day!

We protect animals every day – even on weekends – with great commitment, a lot of heart, soul, expertise, and patience by: 

  • running our animal shelter
  • teaching more than 600 children per year how to treat animals with respect
  • answering over 7,500 animal-related inquiries every year
  • supporting various emergency care centers for wildlife
  • checking on animals whenever we learn of cruelty against animals (every 4th day)
  • being represented in various animal welfare commissions
  • aiming to protect animals at the political level

As a private association, we do not receive any subsidies and are financed exclusively by donations and institutional contributions (from foundations).

Your donation helps animals – THANK YOU!

  • Would you prefer to transfer directly by bank or post?

    Account  80-2311-7
    IBAN CH62 0900 0000 8000 2311 7
    Clearing 9000
    Zürcher Kantonalbank  
    Account  1100-3145.001
    IBAN CH41 0070 0110 0031 4500 1
    Clearing 700


ZEWO certification

Zurich Animal Protection is not Zewo-certified but meets the required standards (for example, bookkeeping according to SWISS GAAP FER). Until recently, an animal protection organization could not obtain the ZEWO seal of approval. However, the relevant guidelines have been adapted. Nevertheless, we have decided against certification and the associated regular recertification for the time being.

Certification would not only lead to additional administrative work but also involve supplementary costs. Money from donations that we prefer to use for animal protection projects. Even without Zewo certification, we do our utmost every day to use your donations as efficiently as possible for animals in need, and we hope that we can count on your trust. If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them!

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