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Adopting an exotic animal

Many people have a great fascination for exotic animals. However, it is often forgotten that keeping an exotic animal requires a certain amount of knowledge.


Anyone interested in keeping an exotic animal such as snakes, geckos, or tarantulas should inform themselves well in advance about the specific requirements. Keeping them in wrong conditions can quickly lead to irreversible damage such as deformation of the skeleton and thus to the animal suffering or, in the long term, to premature death. Of course, one must always comply with the requirements of the Animal Protection Ordinance

Please note: An adoption for a particular animal can only be completed when the terrarium is ready for occupancy.


Have you seen an animal on our website that could meet your requirements and needs? Please contact us by phone (044 261 97 14) or email if you are interested in one of our exotic animals. Ideally, you would already send us photos and the dimensions of the terrarium in advance. 

Further procedure

We will contact you by phone or email for further preliminary clarifications. Once the fundamental questions have been answered, we will invite you to our shelter, where you can meet the animal and receive all the information. 

Please note: If you would like to be informed about how to keep and care for the animal, we can also arrange a consultation appointment beforehand.

If your visit has been satisfactory to both sides, be sure to follow the next steps: 

  • arranging of the pick-up date
  • signing the adoption contract when picking up the animal
  • paying the adoption fee
  • receiving all essential documents about your exotic animal

Three to four months after the adoption, a check-up will be carried out at your home. With the check-up, we aim to ensure everything is going well, but we also take the time to answer any questions that may have arisen in the meantime. However, if you have any questions or uncertainties before that, you can contact us at any time.


Snakes CHF 80.00
Geckos CHF 50.00
Spiders CHF 30.00
Small amphibians CHF 20.00
African snails (groups up to seven animals) CHF 20.00

Home needed

Here you will find an overview of all our pets who are currently in need of a new home.

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