Unlimited commitment

Practical animal protection, i.e. ensuring animal welfare and providing in-depth advice, are two of the main activities pursued by every animal protection organization. Correspondingly, we invest significant financial and human resources in these fields. Not only domestic animals in the canton of Zurich but also organizations and institutions sharing similar goals benefit from our investments and efforts. Our activities abroad mainly involve empowerment for self-help: Where human beings are forced to combat poverty, animal suffering is usually quite pronounced.


Promoting research into animal welfare

For over three decades now, our association has supported research into animal welfare at various different universities and research institutes as well as promoting animal protection projects. Significant findings on the natural requirements of cattle, chicken, or rabbits are to be led back to these essential endeavors for the development of animal-friendly housing systems and their implementation in practice. The same applies to projects in favor of house cats, dogs, rhinoceros, or chimpanzees.


Fact-based demands

Substantiated studies are indispensable in view of providing rationale for use in negotiations with the authorities, the public, and the legislator. Hence, we partake in legislative and animal experiment authorization procedures, the approval of stable furnishings, or sensitization campaigns for adults and children.


Chimpanzees in Dire Straits

Schimpansenmutter mit Baby
© Wild Chimpanzee Foundation

We support various projects of the Wild Chimpanzee Foundation.



Sights set on Animal Protection

Some of our projects are described in the richly illustrated book Blickpunkt Tiere at our Office.