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For 160 years now, we have contributed to animal protection. Things are never easy in the beginning and success was slow to set in but the association’s history, demonstrates how convincing arguments and persuasive protagonists have helped to make commitment to animal protection and well-being a socially recognized goal. Finally, laws to protect animals have been put in place, new organizations were founded and the movement has grown to the size it enjoys today.


Standing on the commander’s bridge together

Declarations of intent alone are of little use to animals. Only joint action, farsightedness and tolerance will lead to the goal. Continuity is also called for, as well as the necessity to deal continuously with new tasks. Today, everything is expected to function quickly and profitably, these principles apply more than ever before. Who are the captains of this association who are willing to take on such tasks and where does their motivation stem from? What drives them? Find out more.


Far-reaching animal protection projects are the one side of the medal; a serious and sustainable implementation the other. The executive office of the Zurich Animal Protection Association is staffed with well-trained personnel that can draw upon a modern infrastructure. The office is the hub of all projects and activities as well as serving as a competence center. Experience, in-depth knowledge, and the maintaining a vast network of relationships help us to achieve our goals.


It is only thanks to the support of the population and the financial support of our members and donors that success is possible. How to become a member? How to be able to co-determine or to support the association? Find out more. We are looking forward to an active attendance at our member events.


It is important to the Zurich Animal Protection Association to inform and sensitize the population to the significance of an animal-friendly world. Please refer to our corresponding publications (in german).


Right on track for 160 years

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