Fur - Winter 2014

Campaign «real fur - really cruel»

Every year, over 100 million fur animals worldwide suffer and die for fashion - and the trend is rising! On March 1, 2014, Switzerland adopted a fur declaration ordinance. Research carried out in the largest department stores of several Swiss cities, with focus on PKZ, Jelmoli and Globus, formed the prelude to our new campaign „real fur - really cruel“. Conclusion: not one single company declares all such products in full compliance with the law.  Missing or erroneous, switched or contradictory labels are inacceptable. Not even in fur specialty stores were all products declared properly, as some of our random checks showed.


Tiana Moser, National Counselor GLP, on the violations of the law: „As the author of the obligation to declare, I am disappointed. Businesses were given only 18 month’s time to implement the new ordinance that is necessary to ensure that customers have freedom of choice and do not buy a pig in a poke.


PKZ, Jelmoli and Globus: not a role model in sight

The Zurich Animal Protection Association demands that PKZ, Jelmoli and Globus serve as examples and role models in Switzerland, amongst others by ensuring an impeccable declaration in view of maximum transparency and by voluntarily refraining from using real fur.


More renowned companies that work with real fur

Fur is still part of the sales offer of innumerable large and small fashion houses in Switzerland. We demand that the companies listed below not only declare the products properly but also that they refrain entirely from using real fur for ethical and animal welfare reasons:

  • Bongénie Grieder
  • Mode Bayard Gruppe
  • Modissa AG (larger Zurich area)
  • Mode Weber (Eastern Switzerland)

The Zurich Animal Protection Association demands «fur free» products

Renowned fashion houses should distance themselves clearly from products with real fur. This also applies to those organizations that are not selling any real furs currently (e.g. Manor, Vögele).


Quality conscious companies can refrain voluntarily from profits generated from real fur husbandry that is cruel to animals and inform the public of this by joining the Fur Free Retailer Program. Everything else is ethically unacceptable!


Model Tamy Glauser supports our demands

«Fulfilling the declaration requirement is the least that a store can do. It would be better if stores were to refrain entirely from buying furs that stem from production that is cruel to animals. This would also make designers reconsider».






Please, don't buy real fur!

  • Information platform on all issues regarding fur here



Tamy Glauser, Model