Fur and Fur Animals

Hands off real fur

Time and again, the fashion industry attempts to convince us that there is such a thing as species-appropriate animal husbandry - which is pure propaganda. Fur animals are wild animals and need a lot of space. Approx. 85% of the furs stem from farms where the animals are held under cruel circumstances, in by far too small cages. Approx. 15% of the furs are from wild-caught animals, caught primarily in traps - which means a death in agony.


The Zurich Animal Protection Association fights for fur animals

Real fur trimmings on jackets and caps remains a trend. Every year, over 100 million fur animals worldwide suffer and die in the most brutal of manners. The profits of the fashion industry are earned at the cost of animals, which is why in autumn 2014, the Zurich Animal Protection Association launched a new fur campaign.

Goals of the campaign «real fur - really cruel»

With its new fur campaign, the Zurich Animal Protection Association pursues two goals, i.e.

  1. a correct implementation of the duty to declare and
  2. the renunciation of any further business with real fur.



Read more about our fur campaign 2014. Go to pelzinfo.ch to learn more about the biology of fur animals, the cruelty of fur production, international trade, the applicable law as well as fashion trends and lifestyle.



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Declaration of furs and pelts

Furs and pelts must be declared when offered for Sale in Switzerland. more...