Act quickly: save lives

Road accidents occur time and again. If you hit an animal with your car or find an injured animal, then please bring it to the next veterinary or veterinary hospital immediately – or call the animal rescue service. If a wild animal was injured, then please contact the police by dialing 117. Please also inform the police if you find an injured domestic animal. An injured animal can react unexpectedly; therefore, you should exercise the necessary care and precaution.

A car parked in the heat of the day, its windows shut, a dog trapped inside. The animal is in a deplorable state: suffering from apathetic or unconscious; howling, wining or panting. It’s in acute danger of death. Please contact the police free the animal with the appropriate tools.


Poisoning occurs fairly frequently among domestic animals and pets, be it caused by rat poison, snail repellents, medicine, cosmetics, or cleaning agents. In the case of poisoning, please contact the Swiss Toxicological Information Center by dialing 145.

If wild animals are concerned, then please call the gamekeeper or the police (117).

Smaller wild animals, such as hedgehogs, birds, or bats can also be brought to rescue stations.



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Important phone numbers

TierRettungsDienst (animal rescue service), Lufingerstr. 1, 8185 Winkel,

tel. 044 211 22 22


Tierspital Zürich (animal hospital Zurich), Winterthurerstr. 260, 8057 Zurich, for emergencies: 044 635 81 11


Schweiz. Toxikologisches Informationszentrum (Swiss toxicological information center), emergency no.: 145