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Our endeavors to protect laboratory animals

Today, animal experiments must be carried out in compliance with various regulations, with the Swiss Animal Protection Act prohibiting uncontrolled exorbitance. Despite this, much remains to be improved: with regard to legal practice, the authorizing and monitoring of animal experiments; the mindset and action of scientists as well as public knowledge in general. In line with the complexity of the topic, we have chosen different approaches for the efforts we undertake: promoting alternative methods; the right of co-determination in enforcement; exerting influence on legislation; networking and cooperating with like-minded persons / organizations.


Promoting alternative methods

Within the scope of our financial commitment to the Animalfree Research Foundation and the scientific journal ALTEX , we promote the development and publication of alternatives to animal experiments. We attempt to represent and defend our interests at conferences and similar events as well as keeping up-to-date on recent developments and fostering valuable contacts.


Co-determination in enforcement

Since 1992, we have delegated one of the 3 Animal Protection Delegates to the Cantonal Animal Experiments Committee of the Canton of Zurich, which ensures that we have a say with regard to authorization procedures. Currently, our research associate, zoologist Barbara Schnüriger, is our representative in this committee that evaluates superordinate legal interests from a minority stand in order to duly weigh the impact on animals. Possibilities are often limited. Nevertheless, every laboratory animal and thus every partial success counts.


Exerting influence on legislation

We ensure our say and make clear our demands within the scope of the consultancy procedure on new animal protection laws. As member of the Federal Animal Experiments Committee our research assistant, zoologist Claudia Mertens, was also involved in the working out of legal regulations governing animal experiments.


Networking and Cooperation with Like-Minded Persons / Organizations

We exchange knowledge in order to achieve our goals. Our co-worker Claudia Mertens, for instance, is a member of the Foundation Board of the Animalfree Research Foundation. We also cooperate with other animal protection organizations, within the scope of the Association for the Coordination of Cantonal Animal Protection, thus supporting the work of the animal protection delegates to the Animal Experiments Committee. The KTT (Conference of Animal Protection Delegates to the Animal Experiments Committee) allows for our two animal protection delegates to meet delegates from other cantons to exchange information and work on new strategies.



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