Animal Experimentation

Moving away from animal experiments – step by step

Under exclusion of the public

Every year, in Switzerland, more than half a million animals die because of animal experiments. Most of them are not kept in a manner appropriate to their species and needs and their dignity is violated. It is difficult to intervene, because animal experiments are carried out in private, away from the scrutiny of the public.


Our vision is a world free of animal experiments. Scientific and medical progress can be achieved without animal experiments. We are working at reaching this goal and trust in the development of effective alternative methods, the power of better arguments, dialogue and improved animal protection. We work pragmatically and step by step, without loosing sight of the long-term goal.


Our commitment in concrete terms

Please refer to Where and how we engage to protect animals used for experiments


What happens to laboratory animals?

If you would like to know what pain animals must suffer in experiments, who decides on animal experiments and how many animals are sacrificed, then please refer to “Facts”.


Which are the alternatives?

Today, there are several possibilities to replace animals entirely in experiments or at least to reduce the number of animals used. Please refer to “Alternatives” to find out more about the alternatives and about why it is taking so much time to impose them.


Can the individual make a difference?

Hardly anyone inquires about the manner in which medicine and vaccinations were developed. Maybe it is time that you did: Find more on fields of use and the significance of animal experiments in our society here.


Away from Animal Experiments

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It is forbidden to unlawfully cause any harm, pain or damage to an animal, to scare it or to disregard its dignity in any other manner. It is equally prohibited to misuse, neglect or overexert animals unnecessarily.

Swiss Animal Protection Act, article 4, para. 2


Animal experiments causing animals pain, suffering or damage, scaring them or impairing their general well-being considerably are to be limited to the minimum necessary.

Swiss Animal Protection Act, article 17