Animal Shelter

A safe haven and a holiday home

Animal shelters remain indispensable. Happily enough, times when dogs were simply tied to street corners and abandoned are a thing of the past. For cats, however, unfortunately, the situation is different. The law prohibits the abandoning or the leaving behind of pets. Nevertheless, this happens time and again. Some people have to leave their pets temporarily or forever. Maybe due to a change of circumstances, an allergy or because the impact of being a pet-holder o their everyday life was not taken into due consideration.


We give such animals as well as “foundlings” a second chance. It is in this temporary home that we endeavor to offer our protectees a life that is as animal-appropriate as possible. But we not only offer care to the animals: We consider our shelter to be a lieu of encounter between humans and animals. Such contact is the foundation for harmonious relationships and thus a good opportunity for the animals to find new homes.


Our animal shelter also serves as an information exchange platform. Daily, we share our experience in holding and keeping pets – this not only proves to be useful for the visitors and the staff but is primarily beneficial to the animals.


In addition to this, we also offer holiday housing for cats. Enjoy your vacation, knowing that your pet is being cared for lovingly and competently.



junger Hund
© B. Trachsel

Homeless animals in our shelter

In the following lists you can look at all our animals waiting for a permanent home:


Homeless animals all over Switzerland:




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